What is a "Digital Migration" and what does it mean to my property?

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Many cable systems are now going all digital. They often call this a “digital migration” or “digital conversion”. This so called migration is touted as a benefit to all of it’s subscribers, when in reality it is only a benefit to the cable company.

The reasons they state are to provide a clearer picture, offer more channels, more bandwidth and better phone service. All of this is technically true. The question is at what cost?

For an average residential subscriber it means getting a digital box for each TV they have. In most cases this may be from 1-4 boxes to keep in each place they have a television. Once they get it in place, it will likely never move again. But what about commercial free to guest customers like RV Parks?

If you are the owner of an RV park and provide cable free to your guests I can assure you it will be one of the biggest new headaches you have had in a long time. Here is what you’ll need to do.

Your cable company will provide you with a stack of boxes to store someplace behind your already busy and crowded counter. If you have 200 sites, you may need 300 or more boxes. So if you aren’t sure what they look like, just picture 300 VCRs stacked up.

A guest will arrive and check in. During check in they will need to tell you how many TVs they have. The average RV these days has at least 2 TVs, and if you cater to high end coaches, it may be 4 or more. Each of the TVs will need seperate box. You’ll then need to issue the boxes, recording the serial numbers, perhaps taking a deposite in case of breakage or loss. Each will of course need a power cord, a remote control and a short cable to go to the TV.

The guest will then have to try to figure out how to hook them up. Some will no doubt have problems and want or need assistance from your staff. Some boxes may not work properly when first hooked up requiring a “hit” or a signal from the local cable company. Who will call them? Your staff.

Lets not forget that upon checkout you’ll need to collect everything. Check it in against inventory, ensuring that power chords and remotes are all returned. Some will get lost or damaged. Some remotes may return missing the battery. All more time and effort for your already busy staff not to even mention how the guest may feel about all of this added inconvenience.

This is the new life of an RV park who has to deal with a “digital migration” and while there may be some small benefits for residential customers, there is nothing but headaches for Commercial free to guest RV park owners.

I haven’t even brought up the fact that many cable companies charge between $8 and $15 per box per month. Which is where the real benefit comes in. If you’re the cable company that is...

Assisted TV can provide you with free to guest television without the need for boxes. No hardware inventory for you or your staff to manage. Once our system is installed it is truely plug and watch. Contact us to get more information on how we can help you.