Why is it so important that no contractors are used?

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Assisted TV doesn't use contractors and here is why we think that sets us appart from any of our competition.


Contractors bid on a job based on how long it will take them to complete. Without getting too in depth with how the cable construction industry works, if they think it'll take them 2 weeks to complete the work, but they can get it done in 1 week. They still get paid the same amount of money. What do you think these contractors will do? They will rush the job, get it done fast, but not care how well. Assisted TV wants the installation to look perfect, not just get done quickly.


Further, if they also have to purchase their own supplies, they'll no doubt purchase the cheepest cable they can. We've seen RV parks built entirly with "house" cable. This degrades service and will present a higher amount of problems later. When Assisted TV installs a cable system we garentee our work. If you have any type of degraded service or outage we take responsibility and get it fixed promptly. Therefor we only use professional grade supplies. The same wiring that the local cable company uses on their poles and down your street. The kind of cable designed to last as long as you own the propery.